Mahant Transportation has the expertise and experience to handle your challenging transportation needs. We deliver freight with the highest levels of service while cutting transportation costs and optimizing your current operating environment. Mahant Transportation is a highly efficient carrier and we apply that knowledge and expertise to examining your business and reducing your costs.

How Mahant Transportation is Dedicated?

  • Over 4 years of expertise running successful dedicated operations, across the country
  • Guaranteed capacity- access to Mahant Transportation,’s nationwide network to handle your shipping spikes
  • Modern equipment: 2015 or newer tractors
  • We will source customized equipment to meet your needs
  • Very low Driving Associate turnover means more consistent service
  • Advanced operating systems and technology
  • All our equipment is paid for which means building toward the future, not paying for the past

Mahant Transportation dedicated driving associates to bring value to your network by delivering freight safely and on time. Choosing us means your brand will be represented by one of the most respected carriers in the industry.

Call (317) 709-1020 or email to for more information.